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Success-Soundtracks™ are audio messages and dramas laid over sonic landscapes that combine inspiration, motivation, and music. Repeated listens facilitate powerful transformations in thinking that positively influence behavior, ultimately producing tangible progress and results. Written and produced by Tom Leu, Success-Soundtracks™ innovatively blend music and motivational messages that engage listeners from the start... taking you on a powerful journey toward greater personal and professional development. These audio segments are unique because hearing the message in the words while feeling the soundtrack music fosters the motivation and inspiration necessary for lasting initiative and action! Most spoken word programs tend to be monotone and mundane. Many speakers just drone on and on with occasional, inconsequential snippets of music used only as transitions. Success-Soundtracks™ prominently incorporate impactful messages and moving music delivering electric inspiration that empowers potential. Each title is produced to motivate you with the message while the music moves you! Listen to each title again and again for maximum impact and ongoing encouragement!


 Stay Hungry (1:07)

The 3 steps required to maintain motivation and foster ongoing action that produces results.

 It Don't Come Easy (1:02)

Trust your instincts and monitor your motives while persevering your passions.

 Uncommon Time (1:08)

Learning to Identify the right time vs. the wrong time... right now is always the right idea.

 Groove Machine (1:10)

Get into a positive groove regarding your thoughts and actions.

 I Don't Care Anymore (1:06)

The journey has to be more important than the outcome.

 Personal Legend (1:05)

What kind of legacy will your life leave? It's not if, but what kind of legacy will you leave.

 Who Are You (1:06)

What do love? What do you love to do? This is who you are.

 Give A Little Bit (1:02)

It's service, not selfishness, that ironically gets us what we really want.

 The Last Command (3:46)

Incorporate these suggestions to take command of the process toward progress in your life!




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